blythegran (blythegran) wrote in fashionfriday,

origami outfit !

hi there !
i am not sure if this is what i intended but i have had a go !
inspired by the thought of folding , i wanted to recreate the beauty of a sari which i understand is 18 feet approx of straight material...
here is rumer wearing 2 pieces of navy blue lace !
no sewing was involved in this creation , just 1 rubberband !

instead of a sari , it looks to me like the bride of frankenstein , although my daughters think it is more scillian widow !!
well , at least i tried !
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this is fantastic!
i love your interpretaion and she looks so pretty!

(sorry the community has been so dead, i've been working on a re-lauch bet life keeps getting in the way- well work does anyway)
That's really amazing!!

Can you offer any instructions?
or at least the demensions of the lace pieces you used?