Jen Hook (jenhook) wrote in fashionfriday,
Jen Hook

Theme Word - for the fortnight end June 3rd.

Ok so here it is our first theme word is ....

so depending on your part of the world, you can do sprin or autumn or whatever inspires you!
Don't forget it doesn't have to be fashion, it can be art, furninture, anything blythe related!
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ohhhh- fun- hopefully can particiapate- but have 4 folios due on the 6th- if not will be in for the next round-

good luck everyone
what a fun community! how long is the current theme running til? that way i know if i should do something for this one or just wait til the next theme is announced?
this theme runs until friday and then the next one is announced, all themes run for two weeks.
Please do join, we love having more people contribute!
ahh ok, i still have time then :)
sorry for all the questions..are we allowed to post more than one thing per theme?