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Now you've all heard of photo friday, illustration friday, month of softies, fiber friday etc.

Welcome to Fashionable Friday.

Every friday I'll post a word (it might be a designer like gaultier or chanel, or a mood word like summer) and you have two weeks to make something Blythe/pullip/bjd related that relates to that word, it might be an outfit, or an accesory or just a t-shirt with a print on it, it could even be a piece of art or furniture.

There's no obligation to play every Fortnight, just jump in when you feel like it.

Now you will need an lj account to play so go to if you don't already have one.

If you do have one please go to the info page and click join this community!

I'll make this post a memory because I'd love you all to comment with words you'd like to see as fortnightly theme words, i'll dump them into a randomiser and we'll have something different to play with each fortnight.

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